When things derail and we get agitated, we often say we’re not feeling centered, we’re not feeling grounded. We’re just … off.

If we don’t have a specific go-to practice, an awareness of when we need to return to center — and why and how — it’s tough to get back to being our best Self.

In a recent Rooted in Seva class I led at Root Center for Yoga and Sacred Studies, we focused on specific tools to use in getting back on track, in returning to balance.

Yoga, as a whole, is a tool for centeredness. It also is a very broad basket of possibilities. So big it can feel abstract.

For example, if you tell someone you practice yoga and they say, “Me, too.” Do either of you really understand what the other is referring to?

Practice is individualized, personal, inward. It occurs on the mat and off. The tools one uses can be mixed, explored and practiced in infinite ways.

So, what is your clear and specific practice — one or two techniques — you use when life has you feeling ungrounded?

If you need help answering that question, you can email me [ adam @ humanitou.com ] or message me via Facebook or Instagram. I’m happy to listen and help you identify a starting place.

We also can connect at Root. And you can talk with other teachers there.

Like Jessica Patterson, owner and director  of Root. I’d recommend you listen to what she shares in her interview on Christine Kathryn’s Creating Space podcast. There’s a lot of yoga, humanness and earned-wisdom in those words, insights she brings to Root in every class she teaches.



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