Dreams: 'At The Rim (XXI)' | Humanitou

Hoop Dreams: At The Rim (XXI)

HOOP DREAMS: ‘AT THE RIM (XXI)’ I still have basketball dreams. I’m saying that, at night, in my sleep, I still occasionally dream that I’m playing basketball. I grew up playing. Obsessively focused on shooting shooting shooting, rebounding, dribbling, running the court … competing. I always was — still am, Read more…

Sing & Zen Brush Painting | Humanitou

‘Sing’ & Zen Brush Painting

Zen brush painting is an ancient practice of clearing the mind and allowing what comes — your true nature — without effort for something. It is a practice of presence and simplicity. It’s much less about making beautiful, simple paintings than it is about experiencing and expressing a moment of bliss, Read more…

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