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The Job of the Artist

The artist Daniel Arsham posted a handwritten list of answers to this question on Instagram today: What is the job of the artist? Arsham’s answers: Reframe the present Interdimensional narrative Reveal the unseen Interpret the era Make joy and sadness Time travel Re-present the familiar as strange and unusual Provoke Read more…

Book List, Illustration by Humanitou

Books I Read(-ish) in 2020

This past year, I tracked my book reading. I’ve never kept a book list before. But then I’d forget what I’ve read. On occasion, I’ve checked out a book from the library that I forgot I’ve checked out before. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” (Seinfeld, episode 57 anyone?)  Read more…

New Series: Abstract Cairns by Adam Williams | Humanitou

New Series: Abstract Cairns

In a new series of abstract artworks, I’m exploring an overlap of areas that interest me: simplicity, meditation, solitude, spirituality, nature, clarity, connection, circles, balance, abstraction … I’m choosing to use only black, blue and white in this work. I’ve come to the abstract visual of rock cairns as a Read more…

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