Note: This is an excerpt of “Seva, Karma + Karma Yoga.” The original post has been re-published in full at Humanitou Yoga.

With Veterans Day approaching, and my being a U.S. Army veteran, I’ve been contemplating the concept of service. It will be the theme that guides the Rooted in Seva yoga class I will teach on Veterans Day.

Seva in Sanskrit, the language of yoga, means selfless service. Military veterans are synonymous with service. Selfless service forms an entire practice of yoga, called karma yoga.

It’s these dots — seva, veterans and karma (yoga) — that I’m going to highlight and connect here.

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End Notes

To learn more about the Veteran’s Yoga Project, listen to founder and executive director Dr. Dan Libby share about being a force for good in the world on Christine Kathryn’s Creating Space podcast.

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