You’re curious about working with me? You think you’d like to know more about my skills, ideas and willingness to work with you and your organization? 

Maybe as a highly skilled content creator with many talents? As a podcast host, producer, writer, photographer, editor? Or maybe as a content strategist and leader? Here’s a quick rundown you might find useful.

I want to say yes. I really do. But the fit has to be mutually right. Here’s how we might get to that point:

Be curious. Know what I can bring to the table before we talk. Don’t bring me a job description that you think I’m supposed to squeeze myself into; be open to your team being better simply because I’m part of it. Learn who I am and dream big for how we might elevate each other through the work. 

I’m an open book. Who I am is on every page of this website, and in many other locations on the internet. Just Google me up. Do your homework. I do mine.

No hoops. I left behind the corporate bullshit, essentially retiring in my early 40s, to live, work and play on my terms in the mountains of Colorado. My creative and professional life fits flexibly around my being a father and being someone who knows the value of my contributions.

I work on terms that work for me. For the clients and colleagues who truly see my value, that works for them, too. I exceed their expectations.

No haggling. I’m a win-win guy. No matter how much I’m paid, I’ll give more value for the buck. When it’s time to make me an offer, come strong. I’ll say yes or no. The easier it is for me to say yes, the quicker we can focus on what matters: the work, our shared goals. Nitpicking over dollars and cents is a distraction from what matters. 

Who you are. A person, team or organization that is driven by curiosity, empathy and general humanness. You have a mission that you’re invested in on a human level; the money and outcomes follow. You’re creative, or at least value my creativity and often unconventional thinking. 

You don’t hold pointless meetings and calls, and pat yourself on the back for doing meaningless busy work. You understand what leadership really is; no “bosses,” just leaders. You do not “lead” by command-and-control. You encourage a “lead from where you are” mindset. 

You are honest and sincere. No petty workplace politics and egos and, well, that corporate bullshit. You don’t say things like, “But that’s how we’ve always done it” and “Let me play devil’s advocate.” You treat employees like humans, fully grown ones who know when and how to work. Your organization is awash in EQ from the top, bottom and sides.

Who I am. Someone who is thoughtful, attentive, highly perceptive, empathetic, sincere, multitalented and intelligent. I ask questions. I think of things and connect dots that others don’t. I invest myself in my work, regardless of field or industry, throwing my skills, expertise and humanity into the work for the good of all involved. 

I expect excellence from myself, and expect those around me to at least aim for that within themselves. I say “we” not “I” in my work. The shared work and outcomes are the point. 

Being paid very well to be me, authentically awesomely me, is my priority. Where I place my energy and time matters to me; note the “No hoops” bit above.

Autonomy comes in a close second. That autonomy requires flexibility, respect and trust on the part of those who work with me. The results show in my work, and they tend to be public facing. In fact, my work results are better because of autonomy.

Bottomline. Money should be an easy point of agreement when both sides of the conversation are focused on the work and have in common a win-win philosophy. When that happens, it’s clear both sides are ready to work in service to each other and their shared goal(s). That said, being paid very well to be me is a win for you and me. Like I said, I’m a win-win kind of person. Shouldn’t we all be?

If you read this far and would like to talk, I’m always open for a conversation about mutually beneficial opportunities. I’m easy to talk with; ask the many guests who’ve been on my podcasts.

Let’s connect: adam @