UPDATED (5.8.20)

Humanitou transitioned from text-based interviews to podcast in March 2020. It also expanded beyond the Pikes Peak region in Colorado, where it was born to include diverse voices and stories from around the world.

[Through Humanitou] Adam invites guests to share their perspectives and experiences of humanness and creativity. They talk on topics such as love and relationships, struggle and resilience, creativity, inspiration and being our authentic selves. Spirituality and faith also factor in from time to time, as do matters of politics, society, death, gender expression and so on. Overall, there’s depth and lightheartedness, vulnerability and courage … All the universal stuff of humanness.

I started Humanitou in 2017 as a way to connect with the people and arts in my community of Manitou Springs, Colorado. A lot has evolved since. [Read about me.]

I read and worked through The Artists Way. I committed to a spiritual practice through yoga, and engaged in a 32-week yoga apprenticeship and teacher training program at Root Center for Yoga and Sacred Studies in Colorado Springs.

And I pulled back from my marketing career to focus on who I am as a person, artist, husband, father, and community member, and to build a life path forward from that place … basically, to live life with humanity at the heart of my existence and contribution.

As a result, Humanitou has grown from publishing weekly conversations about humanness, art, life lessons and perspectives of people in my community to a site where I also create and share from my own place in the world. The Humanitou conversations are continuing as a valuable project within that scope, if at a more balanced pace and only one part of the picture.

And so, Humanitou has evolved from “stories of creativity and humanness” to be about “the yoga of humanness and creativity.”

I know that the word yoga most likely calls to mind images of people contorting their bodies as a form of exercise and socializing. While asana, the common physical practice of yoga, has its place within the broad and deep spiritual practice and study of yogic philosophy, the word also means union.

Humanitou is about the union of humanness and creativity. Others, mine, everyone’s.

This site is a breathing reflection of me as a yogi and artist, a community member and super-curious person who, despite being an inward-looking introvert, likes to engage in deep conversations with others, to learn from them and, hopefully, give something of use to them in the process.

It seems to me we all could use more of that.

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