Humanitou (pronounced: hew-man-uh-too) launched in June 2017 as a website that shines light on humanness and creativity through one-on-one conversations with artists, spiritual practitioners, civic leaders and other all-around amazing humans. Humanitou founder and creator, Adam Williams, and guests explore the full range of the human experience.

In Humanitou’s initial iteration that lasted nearly three years, Adam published 80 interviews as readable Q&As on the website. Then came the podcast.

Conversations in both formats are accessible through this website. Podcast episodes also are playable through the major podcast players (e.g. Apple, Spotify, Pandora, Google, Audible, Amazon … See the player logos linked to the Humanitou Podcast in the right sidebar (on desktop) or scroll down (on mobile).

What does Humanitou mean? A lot.