Note: This is an excerpt of “Ego, Entitlement + Yogic Inquiry.” The original post has been re-published in full at Humanitou Yoga.

A tall teenage boy looked at me from the street corner as I neared the intersection in my old VW bus. He had no crosswalk. I had no stop sign.

He looked hard at me and then plunged into the street, his body language dripping defiance. White earbuds filled his ears, muffled anger was written on his face.

He didn’t look my direction again, no matter how much the gap of street between us narrowed. As a driver, it was one of those moments when the conventionally acceptable response is clear: indignant, “how dare you” anger.

I slowed, letting him get out of the way, and drove on. No horn. No wild gestures or snipes out the window. Just thoughts.

I faced an immediate and unexpected moment of yogic truth. …

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