Life is a practice, action ever in progress. Whatever loops we live, the habits we reinforce, are our practices incomplete and always in motion. Good or bad.

There are many forms of practicing our best selves, and they are not mutually exclusive. Sing with what rings to you. Speaking to what I feel most aligned with, I understand the practice of yoga as living our best selves and in connection with all around us.

I understand the role of yogi as living the good, to put the potential of being a human into positive action. Action, karma. Our karmas/actions radiate a ripple effect. Good or bad.

To create positive in the world sends echoes of oms that further the reach of good. It’s a life lived in love not fear, abundance not scarcity. Consciousness.

On the other hand, to quote the street artist Banksy, “The grumpier you are, the more assholes you meet.”

To live by the innate spirit of love, calm and generosity, to live by one’s authentic path and hold true is a worthy model of empowerment and potential.

But it’s all a practice that never ends, and possibly never reaches a destination. It’s work. Yogis, like anyone else with good intentions, still have the full range of sensations, including anger and hostility, judgement and ego. In those moments there is light shined inward on something more to practice.

The role of the yogi is to be aware. Of self and Self. Of light and dark. Of the mindful work. It’s conscious living reaching for its highest.

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