Note: This is an excerpt of “Love + Masculinity + Yoga.” The original post has been re-published in full at Humanitou Yoga.

Love is a subject that has come up in many Humanitou conversations. I often am the one to bring it up, or at least to grab hold and ask for more of it when it does.

I have a lifelong question and quandary about love.

There is love in my household. The word and actions are present daily. The same was true of my childhood household, if not as often.

Yet, somehow I was socialized as a boy and man that the concept and expression of love is soft and, therefore, weak. Not masculine. Something to feel shame for.

As a result, I choke on the word “love” to use it with anyone beyond my wife and sons. I’m working on that. (The same goes for hugging, another very limited expression for me, historically. And you can forget tears.)

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