As I said in the previous weekly roundups, I’ve been using a practice, “The Log Book of Doings,” as recognition of daily creative accomplishments and motivation to keep going in the various facets of my work.

I like and use lists. Functionally and creatively. These weekly roundups are an experimental extension of the Log Book of Doings. It’s useful to me to tally up the week’s efforts, to see it all in one black-and-white rundown, organized. 

The weekly roundup highlights where I placed focus. It keeps me from misplacing in my memory the value of my week’s work (accomplishment). It energizes me to keep on with my neverending list of ideas and explorations (motivation).

I allowed more spaciousness this past week. I did not record, edit or release as many podcast episodes, for example. Part of that for me is the practice of being okay with less, with taking time to rest within the scope of it all so I don’t burn out. 

Still, it looks like I had a solid week of creative accomplishment:


Ten journaling sessions.

Wrote and published five blog posts, including this one, with a total of ~5,200 words.

Wrote, put together and sent the first Humanitou email newsletter in nearly two years.

Drafting two poems.

We Reap What We Practice, 2/3/23

“I suspect that through that lens, the concept of practicing life, of setting aside one’s ego and job title and societal status markers, and reaching into places unknown, exploring one’s vague inner terrain, and growing, evolving and emerging as something bold and colorful is unthinkable.”

Thinking Time, 2/6/23

“One of my sons lies in bed, thinking. He reads there a lot too. But sometimes, when I go in to tell him goodnight, he’s just lying there, eyes open, no book in hand. Like last night: … ”

ChatGPT is at Capacity Right Now, 2/9/23

“As a content marketer and former journalist, I see some utility. … As a creative writer, I am skeptical that it can replace me, my style and voice, the way I think, the personal memories I draw upon in my writing, or the intellectual and creative connections I make.”

My Vow In This Second Half of Life, 2/10/23

“I feel like a pathetic clown when I try to be something to match others’ clownish ways, in attempts to match even more others’ attention-seeking performances, all to match the algorithms du jour as dictated by the wizards behind the curtain.”

Artwork by Adam Williams


I edited and released two new solo episodes on the Humanitou podcast. I wrote and published episode descriptions and show notes on the episode/blog pages of the Humanitou website:

Ep 134: 5-3-1 & Being Grateful with David Choe (5:15)

Ep 135: No One Else Has the Answers Either (8:12)

A new We Are Chaffee: Looking Upstream podcast conversation aired on KHEN 106.9 FM radio in Salida, Colo., on Tuesday (and will again next Tuesday), and released on all podcast playing platforms. The episode show notes I wrote and compiled were published at

I listened back to the next Looking Upstream conversation to air (starting on 2/21/23), with author, artist and advocate Jonathon Stalls, and wrote, recorded and edited audio intro/outro comments for the episode.

I prepared for and recorded the Looking Upstream conversation to follow Jonathon Stalls on air, with Amy and Lenny Eckstein, owners of the craft distillery Deerhammer.

I recorded my 2,600+ word essay, “The Fight” for editing and sharing soon on the Humanitou podcast.


  • Multiple sessions of play with photographic portraits I’ve made with Jonathon Stalls, Lenny and Amy Eckstein and others in Adobe Lightroom, for exploring aesthetics and to grow editing skills 
  • Created two new artworks in Procreate to accompany two blog posts
  • Resourced and curated five photographs/artworks for three blog posts
  • Prepared and delivered two of my existing 24×30” “King/Perception” abstract artworks for a silent auction being held tonight for the Salida (Colo.) Chamber of Commerce
  • Drew two tiny ink abstract artworks on paper
  • Publishing three of my portraits of Les Messamer on Instagram


  • One bouldering session at the climbing gym, with my 10-year-old son
  • Two bike workouts at gym (total ~60 minutes)
  • One river walk with my older son (25 minutes)
  • Two creek walks alone (total 60+ minutes)
  • One walking meditation session round and round a circular nature path
  • Nine seated meditation sessions
  • Therapy session
  • Made fettuccine alfredo for family dinner Sunday evening


  • Watched two Timbaland sessions on MasterClass
  • Listened to the Ramy Youssef episode of the Armchair Expert podcast with Dax Shepard
  • Listened to the Choe Show podcast
  • Listened to part of the Wayne Brady episode on the WTF podcast with Marc Maron
  • Listened to part of the Gediminas Grinius episode on the Freetrail Podcast with Dylan Bowman
  • Started reading “The Tools,” by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels
  • Started reading “Falling Upward,” by Richard Rohr
  • Two sessions of playing in the GarageBand app, learning by trial and error


  • Two phone conversations in prep to be a mentor for upcoming sessions with two high school classes that are learning about interviewing, storytelling, writing and photography