As I said in the previous weekly roundups, I’ve been using a practice, “The Log Book of Doings,” as recognition of daily creative accomplishments and motivation to keep going in the various facets of my work.

I dig lists. Functionally and creatively. These weekly roundups are an experimental extension of the Log Book of Doings. It’s useful to me to tally up the week’s efforts, to see it all in one black-and-white rundown, organized. 

The weekly roundup highlights where I placed focus. It keeps me from misplacing in my memory the value of my week’s work (accomplishment). It energizes me to keep on with my neverending list of ideas and explorations (motivation).


Six journaling sessions.

Wrote and published six blog posts, including this one, with a total of 5,100+ words.

A Poet Was There: Brian Turner, 1/30/23

“No movie has put me in touch with what I take to be the truth of war like “Here, Bullet.” … I am grateful that Turner went into battle equipped creatively, intellectually and heartfully to tell the story in such poignant and lasting ways.”

A Quote from Jorie Graham, 1/31/23

“In the evolving experience of my own humanity, and in the evolving capacities I have to express it, connect with it, sit and lay with it, share it, know it, I think … Consciousness is the meaning and the mission.”

A Revelation: Ocean Vuong, 2/1/23

“I started to read the lines, the poem in the footnotes, and stopped myself. ‘I can’t yet. Oh my god, I have to make space for this.’ It couldn’t be a reading of whimsy. I would need to prepare, to set aside space and time, to be ready for what was to come.”

Ocean Vuong, Again (& Studying at the Desk of ‘No’), 2/1/23

“Eventually, I declared my book idea obviously tired and unworthy. I gave up. 

“I boxed the notes, the highlighted maps, the research materials I’d collected. I boxed the files of the chapters I’d written and the outlines I’d drafted. I boxed the rejections. I put the box in a closet. Away.

“Hidden nearly 20 years ago but not forgotten. Unforgettable.”

Self-Study Is The Point, 2/2/23

“An ongoing practice of deep awareness of ourselves, an increasing self-knowledge, is the point. Of this blog post. And so much more.”

Artwork by Adam Williams


Recorded seven solo episodes for the Humanitou podcast. Edited and published five of them so far, adding show notes to their individual web pages.

The Significance in Our Insignificance (14:57)

The Intrinsic Value & Vulnerability in Sharing Who We Are (6:35)

The Log Book of Doings (9:31)

The Courage to Do & Then Do Better (7:39)

Truth in the Ultimate Age of Mindfuckery (10:50)

For the We Are Chaffee: Looking Upstream podcast, prepped for and recorded a new conversation, with artist, author and advocate Jonathon Stalls, which will air on KHEN 106.9 FM radio in Salida, Colo., and on all podcast playing platforms.

Wrote, recorded and edited intro and outro comments for a Looking Upstream episode (Les Messamer), which will air/publish this coming Tuesday. Also wrote and compiled show notes for publication on the episode page at


  • Photographed Jonathon Stalls
  • Editing portraits of Jonathon Stalls in Adobe Lightroom 
  • Playing in Adobe Lightroom to grow skills, aesthetics for portraits
  • Created and published one new artwork with a blog post
  • Resourced and curated seven photographs/artworks for four blog posts
  • Published one existing artwork of mine for the “Self-Study Is The Point” blog post
  • Collected “Reverence” photographic art work for upcoming show in Crested Butte


  • Two bouldering sessions at the climbing gym, with my 10-year-old son
  • Two bike workouts at gym (total 65 minutes)
  • One river stroll with my wife, Becca (30+ minutes)
  • Four meditation sessions 
  • Baked cornbread


  • Watched three Frank Gehry sessions on MasterClass
  • Listened to multiple episodes of the Armchair Expert podcast with Dax Shepard 
  • Listened to the Courtney Dauwalter episode of the FKT podcast
  • Listened to part of the Timothy Goodman episode of the Good Life Project podcast
  • Finished reading David Carr’s book, “The Night of the Gun”
  • Finished reading Jonathon Stalls’ book, “Walk”
  • Reading poetry in Ocean Vuong’s “Night Sky With Exit Wounds”
  • Reading poetry in Brian Turner’s “Here, Bullet”
  • Reading Outside magazine
  • Finished watching “Moby Doc”
  • Multiple sessions, researched and watched tutorial videos to level up Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop knowledge for editing/enhancing portrait photography aesthetics
  • Got out guitar after years away to strum and try to get some feel for it again!
  • Four sessions of playing around in the GarageBand app, trying to figure it out