Overview: In this short solo episode (ep 141), Adam Williams reflects on a line poet Jorie Graham gave in a recent interview in The New Yorker and digs into his own mission of self-expression. (Released on podcast on Feb. 28, 2023)

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“Old Rope” by Joe Johnson | joejohnsonsings.com

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One line from a recent interview with the poet Jorie Graham in the New Yorker:

“When they dig our poems up out of the rubble, we want them to know who we were, what consciousness was, but also how astounding and unimaginably infinite and mysterious life was.” – Jorie Graham

In the evolving experience of my own humanity, and in the evolving capacities I have to express it, connect with it, sit and lay with it, share it, know it, I think … 

Consciousness is the meaning and the mission. As a poet, as a thinker, writer, artist, communicator, conversationalist, parent, trail runner and on and on, in all the facets of my being in this world. To practice awareness and truth, truths as I understand them, in all their imperfections and evolutions.

You? What are you sitting with, practicing toward, feeling and seeing? When your “poems,” whatever form those might take, are dug up from the rubble of life, what do you hope future beings will know about you?

Photo by Niklas Liniger