A new round of Humanitou portraits will be on exhibit in the 1st Amendment Gallery at the Manitou Art Center, opening August 3 with First Friday events throughout the area. For the past two months, framed 11″ x 14″ prints of Floyd Tunson, Layla Redding and Peter Maksimow have been on display.

For the next two months, the portraits and stories of three artists in the Pikes Peak Region — Xanthe Alexis, Laurel Astor and Mark Wong — will be part of the exhibition that highlights area artists.

Humanitou Portraits on Exhibit | Manitou Art Center

Xanthe, Laurel and Mark each sat down for portraits and conversations about creativity and life with Humanitou. Their insights and personal stories, and those of nearly 40 others and counting, are published on this site, and shared via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and through the Humanitou newsletter.

Each story shares depth and heart, like this sentiment from Xanthe about her connection to her work as a songwriter and musician:

“That’s totally my intention, to draw out the space to feel. Whatever that may be, if the feeling is dark or if it’s joyful or if it’s sadness, just to be able to feel it. That’s always been my intention with music.

“My music, more than anything, is the way that I have conscious contact with what I perceive as my higher power or creator. Because, often times the songs come out of nowhere and they’re whole.”

First Friday events, schedules and information about the free shuttle that connects the arts in Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs is available through PeakRadar.com.