TRANSCRIPT of the New Humanitou Podcast Trailer

Welcome to the Humanitou Podcast. I’m Adam Williams.

I’m a writer, artist, poet, photographer and podcaster, among other things. 

Humanitou has been my podcast and my space online for exploring creativity and humanness within myself and in conversations with others, some really thoughtful, amazing people. 

After 120-something conversations for Humanitou, I took a hiatus. Around 18 months later, I’m back. In all the ways.

What has consistently been a conversational podcast with the occasional shorter solo episode in the past, is going to be flipped on its head for a bit going forward, I think. It’s the next step in my creative and personal growth. 

Why? Because I’m kind of afraid of it. And that fear, and those self-limiting behaviors of shying away from what we fear, are a hell of a vein to mine for gold. 

There’s also the practical matter that there’s no guest I have more readily available than myself. And I’ve got a lot of good stuff to share. I write a lot, I create a lot, I reflect on a lot. And I’m pretty sure that the things I’m working with in myself, are a lot of the same things that you’re facing in your own inner world.

So Humanitou 3.0 – or five or four … or whatever iteration this is in the incredible evolution of Humanitou – is  going to be a flexible exploration of, well, kind of all things going forward. Especially my own creative and life questions and mistakes and the things I think I think I know, and probably where those ideas fall apart, too.

As always, though, Humanitou is about humanness, vulnerability, and sharing and connection. With myself and with you, and with others.

I think I also will have occasional conversations with creative, inspiring humans whose stories and insights we’ll all value. So those are on the horizon, too.

If conversations are what you love listening to most, go ahead and dig into the Humanitou catalog, either on your podcast player or at 

You still can listen to me talking with legendary bestselling author of The War of Art, Steven Pressfield, celebrity chef Brother Luck, illustrator and author Lisa Congdon and so many incredible people.

Now let’s get on with it. Humanitou is back! And always growing, always better! Just pick an episode, take a breath and hit play.

Music by Joe Johnson, from his song “Old Rope” on his album “Dark Horse Pale Rider”