These weekly roundups are an extension of “The Log Book of Doings,” which I keep daily in a handmade journal gifted to me by my wife, Becca. I use the Log Book of Doings for recognition of creative accomplishments and as motivation to keep going in the various facets of my work.

The weekly roundup highlights where I placed focus each day. It keeps me from misplacing in my memory the value of my day and week’s work (accomplishment). It energizes me to keep on with my neverending list of ideas and explorations (motivation).


Nine journaling sessions, including three double-length (or longer).

Wrote and published three blog posts, including this one, with a total of ~1,200 words.

& Vulnerability Is The Point, 2/17/23

“Vulnerability is the point and, through that vulnerability, we are constantly becoming, learning ourselves and going deeper into that.”

The Terrible Price We Pay for Our Unsung Songs, 2/18/23

“It is a tragedy to die with your song unsung. What’s worse is that we are guilty of stilling our own voices – we silence ourselves. Yet despite the terrible price we pay, we don’t leave the Comfort Zone. Why not?”


I recorded six new solo episodes for the Humanitou podcast. I edited and released four of them, including writing and publishing episode descriptions and show notes on the episode/blog pages of the Humanitou website:

Ep 137: Triggered By Another’s Words? Ask Yourself This Liberating Question … (4:41)

Ep 138: The Artist vs. The Fundamentalist (3:18)

Ep 139: Why Sharing Our Stories Is Vital (4:24)

Ep 140: A Poet Was There: Brian Turner (5:07)

Artwork by Adam Williams

A new We Are Chaffee: Looking Upstream podcast conversation, with artist, author and advocate Jonathon Stalls, aired on KHEN 106.9 FM radio in Salida, Colo., on Tuesday (and will again next Tuesday). It also was released on all podcast playing platforms. The episode show notes I wrote and compiled were published at

Listened back to the next Looking Upstream conversation to air (starting on 3/7/23), with distillery owners Amy and Lenny Eckstein, and wrote, recorded and edited audio intro/outro comments for the episode. Wrote and readied show notes and transcript.

Prepped for and recorded a new Looking Upstream podcast conversation, to air after the Eckstein episode.

Met with another Looking Upstream podcast guest before we record next week.


  • Made photographic portraits of a Looking Upstream podcast guest, to be published later in March 
  • Multiple photo editing sessions
  • Made two new artworks to accompany two blog posts
  • Published an existing art piece of mine with a blog post
  • Sold two 24×30” “King/Perception” abstract artworks
  • Published three of my portraits of Jonathon Stalls on Instagram
  • Final prep for “Reverence: Portraits of Natures Mortes” art show, to open March 10 at Kinder Padon Gallery in Crested Butte, Colo.


  • One snowboarding session (family)
  • One gym session: bike and dumbbell workout
  • Five walks, including a walk&talk meeting (saw a bald eagle!)
  • Five meditation sessions 
  • Baked chocolate chip banana bread


  • Watched one Jeff Koons sessions on MasterClass
  • Listened to three episodes of the Armchair Expert podcast with Dax Shepard (guests: Kelly Slater; Natasha Lyonne; Paul Rudd)
  • Listened to inspiring clips of the Rich Roll podcast
  • Listened to the Vienna Pharaon episode on the Good Life Project podcast with Jonathan Fields
  • Read poetry in Ocean Vuong’s collection, “Night Sky With Exit Wounds”
  • (Ordered “The Tools,” by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels and “Falling Upward,” by Richard Rohr)


  • Planning and preparing for two days of mentoring high school students on interviewing, writing, storytelling and photography next week