I recently wrote that self-study is the point. True.

And at the heart of self-study, and so much else, is vulnerability.

So now I am saying, vulnerability is the point. And that’s true too.

Vulnerability is the point and, through that vulnerability, we are constantly becoming, learning ourselves and going deeper into that. In that process of becoming, we must be willing to be vulnerable with ourselves in order to practice self-study/self-knowledge. 

Then, to be vulnerable with others and forge opportunities for connection through our humanness in common, we need to express that vulnerability. 

As a creative being, I do that through publishing my poetry and writing, making and sharing art, and recording and releasing podcasts. All are part of my creative practices. They also are part of my creative process as a human being. 

Ultimately, they are part of my practices of self-study, getting to know myself more and and more honestly. 

Which is the point, vulnerably.

“Vulnerability” by Adam Williams

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