I talked at length recently with artist Robyn Sean Peterson. He offered many tremendous insights. That fuller conversation will be published in the coming weeks.

For now, consider his definition of art and its “trinity of potentials.”

“Art is the footprints left by the human soul as it passes through time, and it has a trinity of potentials that it is capable of manifesting.

Robyn Sean Peterson | Humanitou
“The first is as a mirror that reflects the world around us and the contents of our mind, our inner and outer life with all of its beauty and horror and everything in between.

“The second is that of a portal into the Collective Unconscious, the wellspring of all myths, religions and symbols, and the abode of the archetypes.

“The third potential is that of a bridge to the Sacred. In this capacity it facilitates direct perception of higher dimensions of Reality and an intuitive comprehension of the mysteries of the Universe.”