Mike Pach, of The Photo Show, turned the interview experience around on me this week. I was happy to be a guest on his podcast and the one receiving the questions.

Adam Williams, Creator of HumanitouIt’s always a learning experience for me to see other creators and interviewers in action. It also is another reminder of how challenging it can be to face the questions … and to remember to actually say my wife’s name (it’s Becca, Becca Williams) when trying to give her credit for making what I do possible. 

For the nearly 60 artists, yogis and others who have sat opposite me and taken every soul-searching, heart-opening question I’ve tossed their way during Humanitou conversations, once again I’m impressed and grateful.

While photography was the way into Mike’s and my conversation, the real heart of our talk shines fresh light on my personal story, on Humanitou, on my Reverence project, and on my intentions and insecurities as an artist.

Listen to The Photo Show conversation between Mike Pach and me, Adam Williams … Becca’s husband: