Hey! Welcome to the Humanitou Podcast

I’m Adam Williams, a visual artist, a writer, and the creator and host of this podcast, among other things, like …

… being a super-curious introvert who really isn’t a superstar at small talk but loves great, energizing in-depth conversations with incredible human beings.

So that’s most of what happens on this podcast, one-on-one conversations of depth and meaning. Stuff that inspires and encourages us, lets us know we’re not alone, and even maybe gently pushes us to wherever we dream of going. 

I talk with guests like the artist, illustrator and author Lisa Congdon, the celebrity chef Brother Luck, and the best-selling author of The War of Art, Steven Pressfield. And lots of other amazing people who do amazing things, and who create inspirational good in the world. And then I unleash my curiosity on ’em. 

I find out what they’re really about, who they really are and what they really think, what has shaped them and what inspires them. Not only the stuff we see in the books they publish and the music and poetry and other art they put out in the world, but in the deep-down that’s behind that work. Who they are as authentic, full human beings.

With this podcast, the way I see it is I’m on a mission to learn about humanness and creativity, and to help us all connect a little bit more with that humanness and creativity that already exists within ourselves. 

Humanitou Podcast by Adam WilliamsSo my guests and I talk about all the joyful, messy, most human bits of life. Failure and triumph, fear and love, spirituality and faith. There’s also politics, society, identity, race and on and on … everything  … the full inclusive, diverse range of the lived human experience.

Along the way, I occasionally go solo and I explore some of my own questions and creative practices as an artist, and I try to dig into those experiences and my own ever-evolving understandings of humanness and creativity. 

With topics like impostor syndrome, fear of success, self-sabotage and those inner demons we all face. I do that, in part, because I just don’t think it’s fair that I only ask other people to come on this show and answer those tough questions, so from time to time, I put myself out there and test my own answers to it all.

The goal of this podcast ultimately is connection through all that human stuff. For you, for me, for everybody involved. We learn something about ourselves and each other. We connect, we grow. Then we ripple the good stuff out there to others.

So … if that sounds good to you, I invite you to listen to and follow the Humanitou Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. Humanitou is more or less everywhere: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, Google, Pandora, Amazon and a lot more. [See “What Does Humanitou Mean?“]

You also can follow and subscribe to the Humanitou Podcast, and follow me, my writing and my artwork at, and on Instagram @humanitou.

Alright, so let’s get on with it. Past episodes are ready to roll and there’s always fantastic new conversations of humanness and creativity on the way. 

You can just pick one that calls to you, take a breath and push play.


Photo credit: Taos Williams