Creative people create. It comes out sooner or later. It’s who we are. We are made, and we make.

I was reminded of that universally human piece of myself when I recently found stashes of haiku, poetry and watercolors I’d created nearly 10 years ago. They were boxed and forgotten. I found torn-out magazine pages intended for collages.

I found photographs that existed because they could. I’d made a makeshift photo studio with a wrinkly white bed sheet backed by a white-ish wall. I’d photographed odds and ends from our closets and that I picked up on the streets.

Thru 2010, I committed to a bed head project: daily self-portraits made first thing each morning until the day in September our first child was born.

I lived creatively. Until I didn’t.

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In the years since, I’ve created a lot for employers but not much for myself. I could say it had to do with having kids and life moving on, but it mostly had to do with my self-limiting attitude.

I went from creating for personal feel-goods to thinking it didn’t matter, that no one needed another creator. “What’s the point?”

I was wrong.

We are all creators, contributors. It’s the best of humanity and it won’t be denied. The relentlessness of who I am, who each of us is, will shine. Or it will gnaw.

Humanitou is my creative spirit’s resurgence online. Producing artwork in chapbook form, like Echoes of Oms and the ever-lengthening list of chapbook ideas to come, is my reemergence in print. Digital and print platforms for sharing positively and connecting with other creators.

Creating is recognition of who I am, who I’ve always been. Who you are, who you’ve always been. I’m curious: Who are you and how do/can you shine? How do you show your life work?

Point me to the coolnesses you create. I’m looking for future work of others to amplify through the Humanitou newsletter.

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