I’ve been using a new practice, “The Log Book of Doings,” as recognition of daily creative accomplishments and motivation to keep going. I also appreciate list making and have been fascinated by list-oriented creative projects and sharing by others.

Here, I’m exploring the value of sharing a collected summary of creative work and other worthwhile doings from this week.

It covers a lot, but is not exhaustive of where I placed my energy and time. Maybe it will be compelling to others, like others’ logs, notes and lists are to me.


Ten journaling sessions. Wrote and published seven blog posts, including this one, with a total of 6,300+ words.

The Intrinsic Value & Vulnerability in Sharing Who We Are, 1/14/23

“I’ve been thinking about why I publicly share the creative work I make, rather than just keep it to myself. Why write and publish on the Humanitou blog, make art and show it, and record solo podcast episodes on podcasts?”

The Log Book of Doings, 1/15/23

“One of the habits, or life practices, I’ve returned to lately is keeping a journal that I call ‘The Log Book of Doings.’ You might have heard of similar things out there called the got-done list or the did-it list. 

“For me, it’s a simple bullet-point list of the things that successfully crossed from my day’s to-do list to the list of things I can happily mark down as done. They’re the things I did done do.”

Artwork by Adam Williams

The Courage to Do & Then Do Better, 1/16/23

“In my insecure moments as a creator and sharer, I hear voices that question every effing thing I do. It’s intense and nearly constant. It’s fatiguing. …

“But I share anyway, though it feels uncomfortable and sometimes requires more of a leap than other times. Here are some thoughts on why I share anyway … ”

Discerning Truth in the Ultimate Age of Mindfuckery, 1/16/23

“Okay, ~half of us need to wake the fuck up and engage critical thinking skills and critical human skills, rooted in compassion and knowledge, rather than deeply ignorant tribalism and conspiracy theories that don’t remotely make sense, even in the cultic echo chambers where they originate.

“And all of us need to wake up to the reality that “reality” is malleable in the hands of those who shape it.”

Two Proofs I Am ‘A Great Man’, 1/18/23

“I came across two messages within minutes of each other last night, both speaking to qualities of being a great man. 

“I can’t say that I’ve considered the greatness of my manness before. I want my work to be great, but even that can be a tough sell, to myself anyway. We’re socialized to minimize ourselves and not shine confidence and self-love.”

In the Tracks of the 10th Mountain Division, 1/19/23

“To ride the ground these ski troopers trained on 80 years ago is so cool. It’s the epicenter of the origins of the ski industry as we know it. Legendary. 

“I fell in love with Ski Cooper today. I drove home overflowing with gratitude for living where we do. The mountains have an indescribable allure, and I’m co-creating a life of stories, as are countless mountain-loving others, with the snows and the peaks, the trails and the waters that surround us.”


Edited and published two solo episodes (with show notes) on the Humanitou podcast. 

Being the ‘Man in the Arena’ with Brené Brown & Teddy Roosevelt (length: 9:34)
Insecurities, Courage & Confidence (length: 6:21)

Wrote and compiled show notes for a conversational episode of the We Are Chaffee: Looking Upstream podcast, to air on KHEN 106.9 FM radio in Salida, Colo., and be released on podcast platforms next week.


  • Created and published 10 new artworks with the blog posts noted above.
  • Made four other visual artworks using Procreate on iPad, including a new concept and series, “Contradictions.” 
  • Played with five other new artworks in Procreate. Unresolved works.
  • Made and edited new “River Rocks” still life photographs.
  • Played with portrait photography editing techniques and ideas in Adobe Lightroom, using existing portraits. Further researched techniques and ideas.


  • One morning snowboarding. Seven runs, 7.3 miles, 7,020’ total descent.
  • One short bouldering session at climbing gym (first in years).
  • Two bike workouts at gym (two days). Total of 61 minutes. 
  • Two walks. Six miles.
  • Five meditation sessions (five days).


  • Watched a MasterClass session featuring writer Neil Gaiman on “Talking Shop.”
  • Listened to the Armchair Expert podcast with Dax Shepard (guest: Paul Scheer).
  • Listened to music: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and others.
  • Continued reading David Carr’s book, “The Night of the Gun.”
  • Started reading Jonathon Stalls’ book, “Walk.” (prep for a Looking Upstream conversation to come)