I have two photographic art shows underway this month: Reverence at the Hagnauer Gallery in Manitou Springs, Colo., (through 11/14), and {Un}Reverence, as part of the Red Threads group show at Kreuser Gallery (through 10/30), in Colorado Springs.



Pottery (Sea Worn) | UnReverence by Adam Williams{Un}Reverence is an extension of the Reverence series, in which I highlight often-overlooked details of the natural world. With this companion series, I collect and photograph human-made objects left in the natural world.

{Un}Reverence, effectively, is the anti-Reverence. It examines these objects and their potential stories, as pulled from forests and mountains, creek banks and sea shores. 

It considers what it means for humans to live as part of the natural world. And, maybe more specifically, what it means to be Americans doing so. Given the objects I often encounter, there seems to be a non-glossy vision of Americana emerging.

Framed fine art prints from {Un}Reverence are available online through Kreuser Gallery. 


“There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.” ~ Wendell Berry, poet and environmental activist


From the Kreuser Gallery website

The Red Threads artists are celebrating their 5th show, “oVerlap.” Twelve artists, seven from the original group plus five guest artists, are coming together in the spirit of the legend of the Red Thread:

“An invisible red thread connects all of those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place and circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it can never break.”

Overlap focuses on unity, highlighting our shared experiences and the one earth we share as our home, rather than focusing on our polarizing differences. Through photography, encaustics, painting, fiber arts, drawings, ceramics and digital pieces, we celebrate the beauty of connection and community. 

Red Threads was formed as a collaboration to highlight local artists and the work of The Never Alone Foundation, which supports families created through international adoption. The NAF provides grants to help with the expense of adoption, medical needs for the children and support for new families. All the artists donate a portion of their sales to the NAF, as does Kreuser Gallery.



(Framed fine art prints of Reverence are available online through November 14 via the MAConnected.) 

Reverence: Portraits of Natures Mortes is a photographic series that highlights the details of the natural world, primarily from the mountains and wild that surround where I live in Colorado, with the occasional piece from travels elsewhere.

A. muscaria, Reverence Collection | Fine Art Photography by Adam WilliamsThis work is a creative and spiritual practice of noticing the often overlooked, of spending time with it. It is a practice of seeing with intention, openness and curiosity.

In each of these natures mortes (still life artworks) there is a silent story. How did they come to bear the textures and weathered marks, the hints of life and death? Ancient stones. Sun-bleached bones. Remnants of a being that has come to rest. What are in these silent stories? What do you see, feel and come to understand within them?

Reverence is the challenging work of being present, noticing and revering the simple that surrounds us.

It’s work that started as long ago as 2004, when I started collecting pieces of nature, feeling connected to the pieces but with no “project” in mind. Those pieces eventually would lead to Reverence. I started photographing and intentionally putting together the series in 2018.

The debut show of Reverence was in July 2020 at Kreuser Gallery. A selection of framed fine art prints from the Reverence series are available online via Kreuser Gallery.