Overview: In this ultra-short solo episode (ep 128), Adam Williams shares “a poem from somewhere, for whomever needs it.” For anyone who knows feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression, this short poem, “Spark Cloaked But Burning,” is one of compassion and solidarity. (Released on podcast on Jan. 25, 2023)

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“Old Rope” by Joe Johnson | joejohnsonsings.com

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A poem from somewhere for whomever needs it …

The poem that follows flowed by its own accord while I was washing dishes this morning. It came from me, though I do not think it came from any extraordinary cloud I was feeling in those moments. It came to me and I wrote it down.

I was not emotionally in the dark, I should say, but I do recognize the darker, lonelier feelings conveyed in this poem.

If you’re finding this stack of stones, as I sometimes imagine my short poems to be, “short stacks,” while experiencing your own moment of darkness, then I hope you might feel something less alone right now, and see your own “spark cloaked but burning.”

Spark Cloaked But Burning

I can’t see the sunlight
though I’m told it’s there. 
When the gloom is so 
thick, how and where 
must we summon 
a miner’s light, 
a beam warm 
and holding 
that might 
guide us 

Not all nights end 
with dawn. Not all tunnels 
lead to the pale, enriching glow 
from which crops and spirits grow. Yet 
somehow even then, we trudge on, clutching 
at the dark, our breaths tight but striving. 
Hope springs from somewhere internal 
(eternal), if perhaps dimmed, a spark
cloaked but burning.

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