What we create isn’t for the haters. So forget ’em. Haters gonna hate. No matter what you show them, offer them, give them, bare to them. So dismiss ’em; they lack credibility. We create and share and make ourselves vulnerable first for ourselves. With courage haters can’t imagine.

Vulnerable PodcasterAnd then we create for those who need to see it, hear it, feel it. For those who need to be reminded of what’s inside themselves that vibrates with that frequency. Who need to feel seen, heard and permitted to be as they are, and know that they are not alone. And to likewise create and shine despite the darkness.

So we fade the hate. And the fear. We embrace those who need us, as we embrace those we need. We do the work that calls. And we keep going.


Title image created by Adam Williams, using the DreamStudio AI generator

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