I write a monthly newspaper column related to a podcast I host and produce, We Are Chaffee’s “Looking Upstream.” Each column is published in two local newspapers in the rural Arkansas Valley (Colo.) where this community-building podcast is rooted.

Looking Upstream is supported by the Colorado Department of Public Health, Chaffee County Public Health and the Chaffee Housing Authority. And I’ve worked further to connect with community leaders, organizations and outlets to amplify the voices of those featured on the podcast. The newspapers noted above, for example. Our local NPR-affiliate community radio station also airs the show weekly, KHEN 106.9 FM.

Newspaper column and photograph by Adam Williams

Looking Upstream highlights the astounding stories, struggles, triumphs and insights of people in this 20,000 population bit of mountain paradise. It’s a podcast made in, by and for the community, but as the saying goes, “the personal is universal.” So we also have listeners in 40-something countries across the world and in nearly all 50 states.

I’m proud of this work and it’s continuing growth. I’m grateful for the community partners who see the value of it and how it benefits all of us when they propel it forward. 

You can find and listen to the podcast (search up and follow We Are Chaffee: Looking Upstream) on Apple, Spotify, etc. And at wearechaffee.org/episodes. You also can find some of the episodes and newspaper columns here at Humanitou, for reading and listening. [See: Looking Upstream Podcast]

Til the next episode … As we say at We Are Chaffee, “Share stories, make change.”