It’s a daily challenge to shed lifetimes of mucked-up, fear-based rules — ones we often have unwittingly supported — to practice our authentic paths, to remove fear about ego, money and fitting into status quo as the guiding forces in our lives.

“Is this really OK? Am I safe? Am I allowed to be me?”

I wish we all lived our hearts, let go of the knee-jerk self-limitations — “I can’t … No, really, it just wouldn’t be possible … Can’t even consider it” — and collectively encouraged seeing possibilities.

I wish we encouraged each other to be authentic, and that we held space, support and acceptance for each of us to follow our paths, rather than be accomplices to boxing each other in, shackling us to the supposed-tos.

I wish it was easier for all of us to feel safe and supported in living our hearts, being still and tuning into what our inner guidance is saying.

That guidance gets drowned out to the point we don’t know or trust that it’s there. We are given so many “answers” and shoulds from the outside, so many expectations and molds to try on, that we don’t hear and heed the good stuff we already know.

We’ve made it scary to be ourselves, to feel like we can’t pay the bills or have the life we dream if we’re true to ourselves, and so we’d better follow someone else’s instructions … or … or … or else!

But really, why should we hand over the steering of our lives to external forces, to the vague “they” voices who tell us what’s cool to say, wear, do, be … to tell us what is acceptable? Who is this “they” and why do we owe them our lives, our stories?

We give up ownership of ourselves out of fear and conditioning, out of a lack of connection with our own answers and even with our own honest questions.

I am tired of fear-based ego as a wall that tries to hold me in, as a place that hollers after me if I stray too far for its comfort, like a bad relationship that insists, “You’ll be nothing without me!”

I’ve tried to break free before. And I have returned within the walls. But now is different. Now is new now. I’m committed to it, afraid but not paralyzed by fear, by vulnerability of acknowledging my wholeness as a being living in a world of ego that wants me to submit.

Everyday I do things I’m unsure about and I’m taking steps toward places I can’t yet know. And everyday I know I’m doing what fully feels real to me. I wish everyone the same.