I’ve started using a web-based art visualizer app to simulate the look of my art on the walls of home spaces. I’m adding room-scene images that include the art framed on the walls to the web pages of individual works that I offer in the Humanitou shop. [Update, Dec. 2022: The shop currently is not active.]

These simulated room scenes have an interesting effect for me. Like I’ve often thought as a writer and photographer (as a former journalist), when I see my work in the printed pages of a newspaper or especially a magazine, it takes on a new life. 

The same with my visual artwork. When it’s printed and framed and hanging on the walls of a gallery or in a collector’s home, or even just on my own studio/office walls, it feels like the work has stepped up into a new level of being.

These simulated room scenes offer a similar feeling. And, hopefully, they make it easier for prospective clients/buyers to envision the possibilities of my work on their walls.

Here are a few examples*:

Blue Eyes Daisy room scene | Humanitou Art by Adam Williams

Brown Eyes (Rise) room scene | Humanitou Art by Adam Williams

Love room scene | Humanitou Art by Adam Williams

"We Rise Thru It" room scene | Humanitou Art by Adam WilliamsSea Worn Pottery Cairn | Humanitou Art by Adam WilliamsThe Masks We Wear | Humanitou Art by Adam Williams

*The artwork shown in the above simulated room scenes is framed at sizes that are larger than the standard 8×10″ unframed prints available in the Humanitou shop. However, other sizes are available on request. Email adam [at] humanitou.com.


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