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Welcome to Humanitou. I’m Adam Williams, creator and host of this podcast series about humanness and creativity. 

Today, I’m talking with Lucas LaRochelle, designer, artist and founder of Queering the Map. 

Queering the Map is a community-generated project that, essentially, is a collaborative digital archive of queer experience across the world. Created in 2017, it already has collected well more than 100,000 individual stories of queer experience, each marked with location on an interactive global map. And there’s much more to it than that, as you’ll hear when Lucas and I get deeper into the storytelling and the magic of Queering the Map.

We talk about the importance and the transcendental powers of anonymity, and we talk about one of the most powerful aspects of love. We also dig into truth and fiction, and what it means to acknowledge another’s story versus invalidating it and dismissing it as untrue or even unworthy.

And along the way, among other things, I ask Lucas the “impossible, impossible question,” and they do their best to answer it anyway.  

Here is my conversation with Lucas LaRochelle.

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