Hi. I’m Adam Williams, creator and host of Humanitou, a podcast that empowers connection through conversations of humanness and creativity. 

Today, I’m talking with Lucas Krump, CEO and co-founder of Evryman, a social enterprise that is cultivating a global men’s community, connecting men with each other to help them hone their emotional skills together. 

Lucas, of course, will tell us more about that. He’ll also share why he does not appreciate the phrase “toxic masculinity,” and will talk about what Evryman is — and a bit of what it isn’t.  

We’re also going to get into Lucas’ personal journey … 

From growing up in Kansas and learning largely to support himself at a very young age in a house of turmoil, to a decade of pursuits around the world in his 20s … 

Years spent running from his own emotional pain until, well, what Lucas describes as an emotional volcanic eruption within that landed him in a psychiatric ward in Singapore and, momentarily, at the precipice of suicide.

In this conversation, Lucas shines light on overall wellness, community, service to others, and how his personal and professional work in these spaces has brought him to a more peaceful, if still imperfect, place of love and relationship at this point on his continuing journey.

Here is my conversation with Lucas Krump.


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