Jamal Parker is a two-time International Slam Poetry Champion who passed through the Humanitou Podcast studio while on tour. He’s been teaching writing workshops and performing on college campuses.

Jamal grew up in Japan, where he first explored his poetry, and in Florida, where as a teenager he first came to recognize the politics of race when Trayvon Martin was murdered only some miles away. 

At Temple University in Philadelphia, Jamal further developed his voice through writing and performing, among other creative and leadership roles. … 

Really, I could keep going. The list of accomplishments, honors and work Jamal has put in during the past handful of years is incredibly inspirational.

In this conversation, we cover a range of topics, many of which you can find laid bare by Jamal in his poetry and performances. 

Topics like: identity, masculinity and blackness in America, mental health and faith. We talk about how his love of comic books and superheroes connected him with his poetry. 

And, well … like usual in these Humanitou conversations, we cover a lot of ground.

So let’s just jump in … Here’s my sit-down with acclaimed poet Jamal Parker.


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Episode 4 Show Notes

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Video: “Colin Kaepernick” slam poetry performance

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