My scrawl-abstract artwork continues to take on experimentation. Textures, scrawled writing and historical photographs still are central elements of it. But comparing scrawl-abstracts I’ve done over the past year, or so, the evolution and shifting sands become clear. 

Notably, there has been a return to stylistic aspects that were part of much earlier efforts, e.g. drawing and retaining much more visibility of the photograph vs. painting over so much of it.

I made this piece last night, “Postcard Through Time Travel (If you can’t be good, be bad, baby)”:

"Postcard Through Time Travel" by Adam Williams | Humanitou

“Postcard Through Time Travel” by Adam Williams | Humanitou


I made this on 12/26/22, “We Know What You’ve Done”:

"We Know What You've Done" by Adam Williams | Humanitou

“We Know What You’ve Done” by Adam Williams | Humanitou


I made this on 6/26/22, “Supreme Court”: 


I made this on 3/21/22, “#1”:


May the evolutionary swirl of creative process continue.