Overview: Dáreece Walker talks with Humanitou about his artwork, which combines race, identity and religion into socio-political responses. We talk about his work that speaks against police brutality, and his series that celebrates black fathers and addresses the lack of positive imagery of black men in society. We navigate creative process, and facing fear, vulnerability and one’s inner critic. These things and more in this episode of the Humanitou Podcast.


Hi. I’m Adam Williams, creator and host of Humanitou, a podcast that empowers connection through conversations of humanness and creativity. 

Today, I’m talking with artist Dáreece Walker. 

Dáreece lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He’s been there for some years now, since getting his Master of Fine Arts degree at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He also has roots in the Midwest and in Colorado, where he got his undergraduate degree in Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.

Dáreece describes his work as combining race, identity and religion into socio-political responses. So we talk about a couple of his most powerful series. One that speaks directly to police brutality, and one called “Black Fathers Matter” that celebrates black fathers and addresses the lack of positive imagery of black men in society.

We talk about fear and vulnerability in making art, and facing one’s inner critic. We talk about the process of creating, and reaching into places of pain and even tears to mine one’s art. 

Dáreece shares about a couple collaborations, too, one with a pair of Broadway theatre stars and one with the founder of Living Life Fearless, long-time friend and globe-traveling professional basketball player, Dario Hunt.

And there are other things too.

So here we go … my conversation with multi-talented artist Dáreece Walker.


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