Cody Oldham is a professional wildlife and landscape painter who lives with his family — and several mountain lions that Cody’s dad rehabilitates for return to the wild — on 20 acres in the mountains of Colorado. As you will hear in this conversation, Cody also is a rather precocious 15-year-old. 

He and I talked several weeks ago. That is, before I had set up the Humanitou Podcast studio, and before we all took retreat from the coronavirus pandemic. 

Cody and I recorded this conversation on my phone in a conference room above a gallery where he had a solo show of his work underway. 

So when you hear the occasional noise in the background — such as a toddler in the gallery below exclaiming over Cody’s sizable wildlife work or, say, when someone walks out a door that triggers an alarm — you’ll know why.

We talk about Cody’s early start and his self-motivation, his creative influences and bold visions. We talk about his penchant for stylish men’s wear, and why he wears a tie and pocket watch even while he paints in his home studio. We talk about a number of things.

So here it is, a conversation with Cody Oldham, a young and accomplished artist with a huge horizon ahead.

Episode 83: Show Notes

Connect with Cody Oldham:

Website |

Instagram | @cody_oldham_fine_art

References by Cody:

James Gurney, paleoartist and illustrator

Andrew Tischler, painter (and mentor)

Crash Course, online educational resource

Intro/Outro Music

“Tupac Lives” by John Bartmann |