I create everyday, and usually in multiple ways. Writing, photography, podcasting, editing, publishing, designing, visual art making. And so on. It’s inherent in the flow of things I do, professionally and personally, and generally in the flow of any given day. But I do not always create in all the same ways everyday.

Visual art making in the Procreate app has been to the side for some weeks or longer. Last night, the urge struck again. Several times. Throughout the evening, I made several pieces, including a quadriptych consisting of variations on the same base idea, using a portrait of me for the background.

The same portrait is used in the “Between the Lines” piece, which is used in the title image of this post.

How are we to read between the lines when we are blindfolded? How are we? Nonetheless, here I am, I am here.

For the car-curious: The photograph incorporated in the piece I’m calling “DKW Junior,” for the model of the car featured in it, is a German vehicle manufactured between 1959-1963 by Auto Union, the predecessor to Audi. 

DKW was one of the four manufacturers that combined to form Auto Union in 1932. The letters have multiple meanings. DKW’s meanings:

Dampf-Kraft-Wagen, in English: “steam-powered car”
Deutsche Kinder-Wagen, in English: “German children’s car” 
Das-Kleine-Wunder, in English: “the little wonder” 
Das-Knaben-Wunsch, in English: “the boy’s wish”

I photographed the DKW Junior used in this work in Granite, Colo., a former mining camp from the gold rush days of the late 1850s.

[Click on images in gallery to view larger versions.]