Overview: In this short solo episode (ep 127), Adam Williams thinks about a worthy question: What is the impact we have on others, and is it the impact we intend to have? Essentially, “Do I give them energy or drain their energy?” He explores this question and practice as one of self-awareness and compassion. (Released on podcast on Jan. 23, 2023)

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What is the impact we have on those around us?

Of course, that one worthy question sets off a cascade of relevant follow-ups:

Am I having the impact I mean to have on those I love, work with, even those I only sort-of know, and even-even just those strangers within reach at the grocery store and in the driving lane next to me on the road?

Do I make their day better or worse, or I guess, have no impact at all?

Do I give them energy and lighten their load, or do I drain their energy? Basically, do I wear them out or empower them in their lives?

Do I make them smile at the thought of my presence or cringe and withdraw in anxiety as they anticipate my arrival?

I’m guessing that you know someone, work with someone, have someone in your family or on your block who you try to avoid working with or spending time with. Or even thinking about, like I’m asking you to do right now.

One thing I know is, I don’t want to be that person for others. Unfortunately, I’m sure my impact is not always what I would hope to shine. Ask my kids and wife, right?

Now, I don’t want to get lost in people-pleasing and forgetting my own healthy boundaries in relationships, either. I’ve spent far too many years in that zone already. But I do hope that my impact is a positive one, a warm one for others, and for me. 

It’s a hugely important step to be self-aware about those things, and to ask ourselves honest questions like those I’m putting out here. 

So occasionally I come back to this base question in my thoughts: What is the impact I’m having on those around me, and is it the impact I mean to have?

It’s a simple enough question. So simple we often forget to ask it, I think. 

Self-awareness is a practice of consciousness. Asking questions like these is a practice of empathy and compassion. Simple ideas, lifelong practices.

As such, I’ve got no magical answers for myself or anyone about this, other than this reminder that it’s a practice. 

In the end, these worthwhile, self-aware questions are ones that only you and I can answer for ourselves, and take action accordingly.

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