I’ve described my approach to vulnerability in podcast conversations this way: 

It’s like a high flag staked in the ground or a flare shot into the sky, a signal to others who want connection to come this way. Maybe it’s orange. Or white.

I visualize this happening in a flat, barren, dusty desert. Maybe it’s something like the Bonneville Salt Flats, but the color of tumbleweeds and high-noon browns. 

There are faint roads or paths intersecting at this spot for no particular reason other than it’s where I stand with my signal. Vulnerably.

Maybe at first it’s just two roads forming a perpendicular crossing. But there’s space for as many paths from as many directions as there are people willing to heed the call.

The land of vulnerability is open. We need only meet each other there.


AI-generated image above created using DreamStudio, with this prompt: “A flat dusty barren desert with many faint dirt roads intersecting. A high white flag is staked in the ground and blowing in the wind. There are tumbleweeds. An orange flare streaks through the sky.”

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