Chopsticks (간단)


8×10″ print

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간단 (gandan) is written on one of the chopsticks. It is “simplicity” in Korean. 
Is there anything aesthetically simpler than chopsticks when it comes to functioning objects/tools, and ones that are used by many millions of people on a daily basis? This drawing brings together Adam’s interest in simplicity, his taste for sushi, and some of his personal history.
I lived in South Korea 20 years ago when stationed there with the U.S. Army. I had spent a year and a half in intensive language studies prior to that, being trained as a Korean linguist. While I haven’t used the language since then — and have lost the vocabulary — I have wonderful memories of my time in the country. And I still enjoy being able to read and write Korean when I encounter it, even if I no longer know what many of the words mean.

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8×10" print (inclusive of white/negative space around the artwork)


Matte fine art paper with subtle watercolor texture (200 gsm)