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One-of-a-kind piece (as in, the only one of these to be made, only one to be sold). Designed, hand-stamped and hand-painted by Becca Williams, on remnant leather.
The “Bib” comes with two 11.5″ straps, allowing for choker-style wear or, when connected to make a single 23″ strap, a longer neck piece. Multiple fastening points, using antique copper-plated button studs, allows for maximum versatility. Choose from multiple vertical and horizontal orientations for wearing the Bib.


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Pendant is 6" x 5.5" on longest edges; two straps (11.5" each) connect to form a single 23" strap


Antique copper-plated button studs


Remnant leather; water-based, low-VOC acrylic paints


Bib pendant can be fastened for wear in variety of ways, offering vertical and horizontal options. It comes with two 11.5" straps, which can be attached to each other to create a single 23" strap, offering the option to wear as a choker or at length. This bib neck piece also is modular/interchangeable with other pieces sold separately in the collection.