At The Rim (XXI)


8×10″ print

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Comments on “At The Rim (XXI)”:
I still have basketball dreams. I mean, at night, in my sleep, I still occasionally dream that I’m playing ball. I grew up playing. Obsessively focused on shooting shooting shooting, rebounding, dribbling, playing.
And now I have two young sons who I get to go to courts and shoot with. The XXI in this drawing represents something about contemporary me, the old-timer baller (has been?) and mostly dreamer dad I’ve become in the 21st century. The number 21 also was worn by a childhood friend and teammate I’ve known for 40+ years. I don’t think about the “old days” of playing basketball without thinking of him being there with me.
Read more about the story of “At The Rim” on the blog.

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8×10" print (inclusive of white/negative space around the artwork)


Matte fine art paper with subtle watercolor texture (200 gsm)


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