Humanitou is about humanness, creativity and reclaiming the best in ourselves. One way that comes together at Humanitou is through one-on-one conversations with creative, thinking, sharing humans.
It’s the deep stuff. Adam asks each person to sit down with him for an hour to answer his curiosities, and then to let him make photographs of them. Those portraits are featured in Humanitou conversations and are exhibited in the Colorado Springs area.

Reverence: Portraits of Natures Mortes

Milkweed | Humanitou Fine Art PhotographyReverence: Portraits of Natures Mortes is an ongoing photography series. It highlights the details of the natural world, primarily from the mountains and wild that surround where Adam lives in Colorado. There are elements of the land and sea found elsewhere, as well.
This work is a creative and spiritual practice of noticing the often overlooked, of spending time with it. It is a practice of seeing with intention, and often of following intuition to discover the pieces Adam collects, carries with him and photographs in his studio.
These photographs are featured in the The Shop, and are exhibited in the Colorado Springs area.
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