Hi. I’m Adam Williams, creator and host of Humanitou, a podcast that empowers connection through conversations of humanness and creativity. 

Today, I’m talking with Jessica Patterson, a teacher, writer and yoga therapist … among other things. 

She is the founder, owner and director of Root Center for Yoga & Sacred Studies in Colorado Springs, and continues to teach nationally and internationally, as well. 

Jessica also is someone I consider to be a mentor to me and a friend, which makes this a particularly rare Humanitou conversation.

I’ve talked with more than 80 people for Humanitou in the past three years, and Jessica is only the second person I’ve talked with who I have known and had prior relationship to outside of this Humanitou experience.

The first was my wife, of course, Becca Williams, who was my guest for the inaugural episode of the Humanitou Podcast.

Having trained and apprenticed with Jessica as a practitioner and now teacher of yoga, I have had so many opportunities to have lengthy conversations and to ask her questions. 

Here, we’re finally recording one of those conversations to share with others. I think what you will hear in this conversation is a meaningful session with an especially intelligent, light-filled teacher and human being. 

Jessica shares a wealth of knowledge, things that will resonate with wherever you are in your life. In fact, I recommend you consider grabbing a notepad and pen to keep handy as you listen.

To finish setting the stage here … This particular exchange with Jessica took place all the way back in November. We’d intended to share it as a readable Q&A on the website, which is how Humanitou started. It was still months before the Humanitou Podcast and studio would come to be, and months before we’d self-isolate with covid-19-induced stay-at-home orders.

We sat on the couch in Jessica’s living room. I hit record on my phone. And we dived into what the two of us often talk about: the practice of yoga and how it applies to the very human, very real experience of actual daily living, as well as how it applies to the bigger picture of life.

In this conversation, Jessica shares some intensely shaping experiences in her life and where her feral spirit comes from. We talk about yoga as a homonym, how the word, while it looks and sounds the same in its uses, conjures different meanings for different people and leads to common misperceptions.

We talk about how we construct identity through language, and how we create realities through our words rather than merely reflect our realities with what we think and say. We talk about the essential value of taking a reverent pause, and knowing the wisdom of stillness in action and action in stillness.

We talk about a lot of things, as typically happens in these conversations. And Jessica also helps me work through some pains in my life as I try to make sense of a world gone mad, and try to figure out how not to get swallowed up in despair, rather how to shift to and have faith in a perspective of hope.

And finally, as you listen to Jessica’s insights of humanness and creativity, I ask you to consider the question I usually put to listeners at the end of each episode: How are you living humanness and creativity in your life?

Here is my conversation with spiritual teacher and more, Jessica Patterson. Thanks for listening.


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